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Week 3 Quiz 1. Define and explain Microwaves. Microwaves are electromagnetic waves with frequencies between 1 and 300 GHz. They are used to send information back and forth from sender and receiver in sort of a ‘one on one’ conversation. They must use antennas within sight of each other, because they don’t penetrate obstacles well. Outgoing information is sent through a special antenna called a horn and received through another specially designed antenna called a dish. 2. Compare and contrast guided to unguided Media. Guided media carries/sends a signal that is guided through and contained within a solid cable. Unguided media contrasts by sending/carrying a signal without using anything physical or solid to guide and contain. Guided media uses connectors and cables, including twisted pair, coaxial and fiber-optic cables. Unguided media uses propagation to transport the electromagnetic waves. The propagation can be in 3 forms : ground, sky and line-of- sight. 3. Describe in depth Fiber-optic cable.
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