(CIS 175 -Intro 2 Ntwrking) Wk 7 HW

(CIS 175 -Intro 2 Ntwrking) Wk 7 HW - One class might be...

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Outstanding. I love the post office analogy Wk #7 HW 1. Identify and describe a properly formatted IP address. A properly formatted IP address consists of four integers each separated by periods. All integers should be in the range from 0 to 255, with no leading 0’s. 2. Define, describe, and provide the functions of network addresses. The base (or first) address in a range of addresses given to an organization. It’s like a postal address where the network address would signify the city. When messages are sent into the organization from outside, this address is used by the router to direct the message to where it is going. 3. Define classful and classless subnets. Classful subnets are applied to define the network and the host. Each can be identified and placed into a class.
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Unformatted text preview: One class might be large networks requiring many IP addresses, small networks that require fewer IP addresses would belong to another. Classless is an address with an /n at the end that assigns the number of bits in the network address. This routing protocol makes no assumptions about class. 4. Define and describe subnet masks. A subnet mask allows you to identify which part of an IP address is reserved for the network, and which part is available for host use. You add bits to the network address to be able to identify the subnetworks and this is the subnet mask. It gives you all the information you need to calculate the network and host portions of the address....
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