(CIS 175 -Intro 2 Ntwrking) Wk 8 HW

(CIS 175 -Intro 2 Ntwrking) Wk 8 HW - Tremendous Thank You...

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Tremendous. Thank You. Week #8 HW 1. Describe the client/server process. The client/server process is a architecture where the client processes request service from the server process. The client is a process (or program) that sends a message to a server process requesting that the server perform a task . Client programs usually handle the user-interface part of the application and validate data entered by the user. A server process (or program) performs the client request by doing the desired task. Server programs generally execute database retrieval and updates, manage data integrity and give responses to client requests. 2. Define the importance of connectionless versus connection oriented services. In reference to transmitting data, I would say that the way it is done is of great importance. Correct delivery is a major factor. Reliability make be your cup of tea, or you may choose independence. In which case you trade off for possibility of ever even receiving your message. -Connection-oriented describes a means of transmitting data in which the devices at the end points use a
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  • Transmission Control Protocol, data integrity, User Datagram Protocol, server process, error control, connectionless versus connection

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