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(CIS 175 -Intro 2 Ntwrking) Wk 9 Lab

(CIS 175 -Intro 2 Ntwrking) Wk 9 Lab - can be used...

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Not too short. :) Just right. Thanks. Nice Job. Wk #9 Lab Define and describe Uniform Resource locator. A Uniform Resource Identifier (URI), is a protocols used to identify and retrieve documents from the World Wide Web. Pages are located by means of a URL, being a string of characters containing the protocol, host, path and port number is entered into the address bar of a web browser. Define protocol, host, port, and path in reference to URL as per the book. The protocol defines the client/server program that will be used to retrieve the document. Multiple programs
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Unformatted text preview: can be used, including FTP or most commonly, HTTP. The URL defines the host computer which identifies the computer, or host, where the information is. The URL will also have the pathname, or path for short, of the file where the information is. The URL will define the port number of the server, if it is included. ** For some reason these answers seem so short, hopefully I did them correctly. Thanks!...
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