(CIS 175 -Intro 2 Ntwrking) Wk 9 Quiz

(CIS 175 -Intro 2 Ntwrking) Wk 9 Quiz - Tremendous Thanks...

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Tremendous. Thanks Wk #9 Quiz 1. Define WWW. The World Wide Web is a storehouse of information tied together from locations over the world. To begin, have a web page in mind that would be located on the browser, or client. The browser will have a controller to receive input from the user, interpreters to display the document, and client protocols such as FTP or HTTP. Every web page has been stored at the server, and when requested, it is sent back to the client by the server. Pages are located by means of a URL, or uniform resource locator. It defines the client/server program that will be used to retrieve the document. This is the protocol. It identifies the computer, or host, where the information is. It will also have the pathname, or path for short, of the file where the information is. If the port is included, the URL will have the port number of the server. 2. Define and explain cookies. Cookies are small pieces of text sent by a server to a web browser to validate, track, and preserve specific information about users. Cookies are not read by the browser, they are only included in a request sent to the server. Web servers use cookies to differentiate between users and to retain data associated with the user. They
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(CIS 175 -Intro 2 Ntwrking) Wk 9 Quiz - Tremendous Thanks...

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