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(CIS331 -SystmMdlngThry) (Winter2010) Midterm Exam

(CIS331 -SystmMdlngThry) (Winter2010) Midterm Exam - Week 5...

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Week 5 - Mid-Term Exam 1. There are many types of models in science, engineering, public policy, and other domains outside of business. What model types exemplify different levels of interaction with participation by the people who use the models? (Points :5) One time decision models Business education models Computer systems models Decision support models Analysis models 2. Maps are models because they simplify reality by leaving out most geographic details in order to highlight the important features we need. (Points :5) True False 3. What involves a line-by-line audit of finished computer code by a seperate team from the one that originally created the code. (Points :5) Modeling Inspection Code inspection Problem inspection Expert Modeling 4. In order to make model insights useful, we must first translate them into the terms of the real world and then communicate them to the actual decision makers involved. What process is described above? (Points :5) Decision Analysis Outcome Interpretation Modeling 5. Model realization refers to working with the client to derive value from the model. (Points :5)
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