(CIS331 -SystmMdlngThry) Assgnmnt 1 (Fall 09)

(CIS331 -SystmMdlngThry) Assgnmnt 1 (Fall 09) - This is...

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This is fairly shallow developed model. Thus organizing and referenced problem in a model format will add clarity analysis. Please continue to use a quantitative language when defining the problem at the various stages. Further again, continue to reference and cite your position and approach leverage the text and/or research. Find a company/organization, article, case study, or use a company/organization which your are intuitively familiar that has leveraged such successful problem-solving process either divergent or convergent. But, please do clearly identify the process used. A couple of years ago, I worked as an independent contractor under the name of Vintage Memories. I called schools and spoke with PTO/PTA presidents about using my fundraiser, which involved selling tickets for Sepia-tone portraits of children. The photographers that needed my services each had different contact lists, location requirements, and desired schools. I eventually ended up with photographers everywhere, dragging their specifications, requests, and records with them. I had a mess; I’ll call it relevant confusion. Trying to remember which photographer wouldn’t go to which state. Each one offered different bonuses for the sellers. I also needed
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(CIS331 -SystmMdlngThry) Assgnmnt 1 (Fall 09) - This is...

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