(CIS331 -SystmMdlngThry) Final Exam (Sprng 2010)

(CIS331 -SystmMdlngThry) Final Exam (Sprng 2010) - Week 11...

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Script for displaying headers. Time Remaining: 1. The allocation model calls for ___________ an objective subject to less-than constraints on capacity. (Points :4) 2. A ______________ is a requirement that a particular decision variable must be greater thanor equal to a given value. (Points :4) 3. Linear refers to a feature of the objective function and the contratints. (Points :4) True False 4. A database is merely a column of numbers representing records in a file. (Points :4) True False 5. What allows us to view summaries of the data in convenient tables, most often in formats known as cross-tabs? (Points :4) 6. The measure of performance that defines our notion of "best" is called? (Points :4) solver variable objective function pivot table premium solver best solver 7. What is defined as the improvement in the objective function from a unit increase in the number available? (Points :4) marginal optimization shadow price Constraint contrast Maginal value
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(CIS331 -SystmMdlngThry) Final Exam (Sprng 2010) - Week 11...

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