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(CIS331 -SystmMdlngThry) Wk7 Dscssn

(CIS331 -SystmMdlngThry) Wk7 Dscssn - Week 7 Week 7...

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Week 7: Week 7 - Discussion #6N -Nonlinear Optimization This week’s discussion we will explore Nonlinear Optimization. Particularly, Optimization is the process of finding the best set of decisions for a particular measure of performance. In fact, optimization refers both to the goal of finding the best values of the decision variables and to a set of procedures that accomplish that goal. These procedures are known as algorithms and are usually implemented by software. In the case of Excel, the optimization software is known as Solver. A version of Solver (referred to as the Standard Solver) is built into every copy of Excel. In this book, we use Premium Solver for Education, which is a more advanced version than the Standard Solver in Excel. Premium Solver for Education is available to users of this book and should be installed before proceeding with this chapter (See Supplemental Material - Premium Solver). 1) Start at 10.2.1
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