(ACC100 -Accountng) A-1 Photography Project & Errors

(ACC100 -Accountng) A-1 Photography Project & Errors -...

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Unformatted text preview: Week #3 Steps: 1) Read through the company history on pages 1 through 3. 2) Start recording the Journal Entries for Documents #1 through Document #24 (page 34 through page 43). 3) Record these journal entries on paper (or in excel) we will move to Peachtree later in the course. 4) For example Read Document #1 on p. 34 The journal entry to record Document #1 would be : Dr. Cash (Acct 10100) $10,000 Dr. Office Equipment (Acct 11000) $25,000 Dr. Photographic Equipment (Acct 10800) $50,000 Dr. Vehicle (Acct 11200) $12,500 Cr. Philip Browning, capital (Acct 30100) $97,500 Note : You can find a list of the Chart of Accounts on pages 2 and 3 (company history) Week #7 Steps: 5) Recording the Journal Entries for Documents #25 (page 43). 6) See check figures on page 44 7) Complete the T-accounts on pages 54 through 63 8) Complete a final trial balance, income statement, statement of owners equity and balance sheet (after all entries through document #25 are completed) 9) HintMake sure you pay special attention to the NOTE TO THE STUDENT for example on document 6...
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(ACC100 -Accountng) A-1 Photography Project & Errors -...

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