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(ACC100 -Accountng) Wk1 P1-34A p39

(ACC100 -Accountng) Wk1 P1-34A p39 - $16,000 Salary...

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Lone Star Landscaping Balance Sheet Month Ended July 31 2008 Assets Liabilities Cash $4,000 Accounts Payable $1,000 Accounts Receivable $23,000 Note Payable $36,000 Office Supplies $1,000 Property Tax $800 Office Furniture
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Unformatted text preview: $16,000 Salary Expenses $2,500 Land $50,000 Rent Expenses $2,500 Owner's Equity Marilyn Crone, capital $44,200 Total Assets $94,000 Total Liablilites and Owner's Equity $94,000...
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