(ACC100 -Accountng) Wk8 P8 Problems

(ACC100 -Accountng) Wk8 P8 Problems - A Rite-Way...

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A. ) Rite-Way Applications has a weakness in assigning responsibility. The software developers s accountants re-designed their own system. B. ) The company where Betty Grable works has a weakness in their separation of duties. Accou n can steal and there is no proof of it. C. ) Sanchez Hardwoods has an auditing control problem. If they had, the loan wouldn’t have we n validated before approval. D. ) Champs Sporting Good’s office supply company has an internal documents control weakne s because they don’t want any inconsistencies detected. E. ) This Target store has an internal control weakness reguarding its fidelity bonds on the cashi e theft, there will be no insurance to reimbursement the company
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Bank Reconciliation March 31 2008 Bank Books Balance, March 31 8,300 Balance, March 31 6,172 Add : Add : Deposit in transit 2,038 EFT receipt of rent revenue 625 10,338 Note Receivable -BC 1,000 7,797 Less : Less : Outstanding Checks EFT Insurance payment 340 No. 1420 970 NSF Check
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(ACC100 -Accountng) Wk8 P8 Problems - A Rite-Way...

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