Art History Jan. 23 Lecture

Art History Jan. 23 Lecture - Introduction to Art History...

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Introduction to Art History January 23, 2008 Art and Immortality in Ancient Egypt Egypt was developing right along-side Mesopotamia. The Fertile Crescent is a deep and wide trough that while very fertile was always under attacked. In Egypt the Nile River was very easy to protect which led to a very stable lifestyle. Lower Egypt in North, Upper in south. Pre dynastic Egypt developed in 3500 BCE, Divine Right very prominent. Eye makeup helped block the sunlight out and was very important in decorating themselves. Palette of King Narmer, this marks the transition from pre-historic to historic art. They use bai relief in order to give a lot of information. Hierarchy of scale used to show that King Narmer is the most important figure in this art. His pointed hat is Upper Egypt and he is exerting control over both parts of Egypt. This is a ritualistic killing, not just regular murder. A servant is holding Narmers shoe, which indicates they are on holy ground. The Cow Heads indicate Narmer’s Mother, calling her fertile with milk. The intertwining of animal heads portrays unification. Using twisted perspective to show every part of the body from its most characteristic style. That is a very un-naturalistic way to stand. The upright style is shown for 3000 years. Palette to the right shows Narmer in a different hat. And the dead bodies are stacked up to be shown to Narmer. This is clearly to show power and authority. The reason we were able to depict Narmers name was from the Rosetta Stone. Was not until 18 th century that
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Art History Jan. 23 Lecture - Introduction to Art History...

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