(HUM101 -Orgns Wstrn Cultre) Midterm Exam

(HUM101 -Orgns Wstrn Cultre) Midterm Exam - H UM 101(The...

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Midterm Exam (200 points) Week 5 (Feb. 4-10) (To allow me time to read your test, please complete them by 2.10.08) Winter 2008 During the Exam Week, you should be able to respond to the following questions. These are the actual questions that will appear on the exam. There is a great deal of choice, and you should prepare specifically. You should use your text. DO NOT COPY FROM YOUR TEXTBOOKS! You need to synthesize and analyze materials. Be very specific and be mindful of writing skills in your responses. There are four questions. I. Determining a Civilization [100 words] (40 points) Take the six characteristics of civilization, select ONE of the following and defend it as a civilized society: Sumer, Assyria, Egypt, or Mycenae. II. Interpreting Art [75 words] (40 points) Why does the human form seem to be some important in early civilization up to the Roman Empire? III. Comparison and Contrast [75 words] (40 points) Compare and contrast Buddhism and Hinduism in terms of their belief system. IV. History and the “Great Man or Woman” [150 words] (80 points) History is often said to be the product of “great men” or “great women.” Show with ONE of the following how that person shaped history: Augustus Caesar, Confucius, Alexander the Great, Cleopatra, or Plato. You will have 1 hour and a half to complete the exam. .
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(HUM101 -Orgns Wstrn Cultre) Midterm Exam - H UM 101(The...

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