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(SOC 300 -Sociology of Devlpng Cntriest) Wk1 Qz

(SOC 300 -Sociology of Devlpng Cntriest) Wk1 Qz - but...

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1. Question : Characteristics of economic underdevelopment are: Student Answer: low consumption of energy. poor infrastructure. poverty. all of the above. (Page 3) 2. Question : Infant mortality and adult literacy are among the best individual measures of mass living standards. Student Answer: True (Page 7) False 3. Question : A country’s standard of living is determined only by its per capita income. Student Answer: True False (Page 4. Also, how that income is distributed.) 4. Question : Wealthier countries are assured of becoming democratic. Student Answer: True False (Page 11) 5. Question : The pattern of land ownership plays no role in a country's income distribution pattern. Student Answer: True False (Page 5) 6. Question : Modernization theory was enthusiastically embraced by scholars in many parts of the Third World, for it suggested that underdevelopment was not the LDC's fault,
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Unformatted text preview: but rather the result of foreign domination. Student Answer: True False (page 18) 7. Question : Dependency theorists agreed that Third World countries could follow the same path to development as Western nations. Student Answer: True False (page 14) 8. Question : An example of a developing nation is: Student Answer: Japan Sri Lanka Canada Iceland 0 of 1 9. Question : As noted in “The Ideology of Development,” development experts see poverty as a problem that is purely: Student Answer: political. technological. sociological. economic. 10. Question : As reported in “Development as Poison: Rethinking the Western Model of Modernity”, outside of the modern West, culture is sustained through: Student Answer: conformity. markets. community. religion....
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