(SOC100 -Intro 2 Sociolgy) Wk2 Chptr 3-4 Qz

(SOC100 -Intro 2 Sociolgy) Wk2 Chptr 3-4 Qz - SHANNA...

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Grade for SHANNA HAWXHURST: Week 2 Review Quiz Numeric grade: 59/60 Letter grade: Comments: (none) Close Window Autograde Summary These are the automatically computed results of your exam. Grades for essay questions, and comments from your instructor, are in the "Details" section below. Date Taken: 7/13/2008 9:09:43 AM Time Spent: 0:50:05 Points Received: 59 / 60 (98.3%) Question Type: # Questions: # Correct: True/False 40 39 Multiple choice 20 20 Grade Details 1. Question: Religion is an example of: Your Answer: a "cultural commodity." nonmaterial culture. culture shock. material culture. Comments: 2. Question: Suppose you were a Yanomamo who moved to the U.S. and immediately moved into a college dormitory. As an initial reaction, you would experience: Your Answer: culture shock. anomie. acculturation. primary socialization. Comments: 3. Question: What is the term for the beliefs, values, behavior, and material objects that, together, constitute a people's way of life? Your Answer: culture social system social structure society Comments: 4. Question: The tangible things created by members of a society are known as: Your Answer: high culture. material culture. human culture. nonmaterial culture Comments: 5. Question: All cultures have five components in common. Which of the following contains three of those five? Your Answer: Values, social organization, psychic culture. Social organization, murder taboo, material culture. Material culture, psychic culture, symbols. Symbols, values, material culture. Page 1 of 8 SHANNA HAWXHURST: Week 2 Review Quiz 7/29/2008 ..
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Comments: 6. Question: A symbol is: Your Answer: anything that carries a particular meaning which is recognized by people who share a culture. any word or phrase that carries meaning to a "receiver." any gesture that carries meaning to a "receiver." a verbal representation of the material or non-material culture. Comments: 7. Question: A system of symbols that allows people to communicate with one another is a: Your Answer: dialect. culture. language. cultural artifact. Comments: 8. Question: What is the term for the process by which one generation passes culture to the next? Your Answer: cultural transmission oral tradition language writing Comments: 9. Question: Standards by which members of a culture define desirability, goodness, and beauty are: Your Answer: values. norms.
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(SOC100 -Intro 2 Sociolgy) Wk2 Chptr 3-4 Qz - SHANNA...

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