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Problem 13.3 [Difficulty: 2] Given: Steam flow through a nozzle Find: Speed and Mach number; Mass flow rate; Sketch the shape Solution: Basic equations: m rate ρ V A h 1 V 1 2 2 h 2 V 2 2 2 Assumptions: 1) Steady flow 2) Isentropic 3) Uniform flow 4) Superheated steam can be treated as ideal gas Given or available data T 0 450 273 () K p 0 6 MPa p 2 MPa D2 c m k 1.30 R 461.4 J kg K (Table A.6) From the steam tables (try finding interactive ones on the Web!), at stagnation conditions s 0 6720 J kg K h 0 3.302 10 6 J kg Hence at the nozzle section ss 0 6720 J kg K an d p 2 MPa From these values we find from the steam tables that
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