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Problem 13.40 [Difficulty: 3] Given: Gas cylinder with broken valve Find: Mass flow rate; acceleration of cylinder Solution: Basic equations: T 0 T 1 k1 2 M 2 p 0 p 1 2 M 2 k p ρ R T ck R T m rate ρ A V (4.33) Given or available data p atm 101 kPa p 0 20 MPa p atm 20.101 MPa T 0 20 273 () K k 1.66 R 2077 J kg K d1 0 m m so the nozzle area is A e π 4 d 2 A e 78.5 mm 2 M CV 65 kg The flow will be choked if p b /p 0 < 0.528: p b p atm so p b p 0 5.025 10 3 (Choked: Critical conditions) The exit temperature is T e T 0 1 2 T e 220 K T e 52.8 °C c e kR T e The exit speed is V e c e V e 872 m s The exit pressure is p e p 0 1
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