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The Importance of Good Grammar How important is good grammar in a written document? It is very important because if there are grammatical errors the document could be misinterpreted for the person reading said document. Do you think the study of grammar is overemphasized or underemphasized in schools today? I think that grammar is underemphasized in school today more so than it was when I was a child in school. Give an example from your own experience. When I was in school, grammar was more important to teachers than it is today. For example my niece showed me one of her essays, and it had many grammatical errors in it and I asked her if her teacher would take off points for misspelled words and the grammar errors in it. To which she replied, “No, the teacher does not take points away for something as stupid as grammar.” I personally thought that the level of the learning curve has gone down considerable since I was in high school and I think that sets a very bad precedent for the future children.
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