PSY 270 Appendix H - Appendix H 1 Appendix H Sabrina...

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Appendix H 1 Appendix H Sabrina Armstrong PSY 270 Julie Bruno October 6 th , 2011
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Appendix H 2 Appendix H Case Study 1: DSM-IV: Schizoid Personality Disorder Josephine’s case would be diagnosed as Schizoid Personality Disorder. Symptoms of this disorder include little or no desire, nor the enjoyment of close relationships including being part of a family. Someone who has this disorder lacks close friendships and takes pleasure in few things. She demonstrated an excessive detachment from social relationships and a lack of multiple emotions or expressions. Medication can be used to treat this disorder however there is no specific drug for the treatment of this disorder. It may be difficult to treat them with standard therapy because these patients tend to be difficult to communicate with, due to their detached mannerism. A therapist can work with a patient like this if they ensure that they show respect for the patient’s personal space and private thoughts. Group therapy has been proven to be effective for these patients because it allows them to interact with and practice their interpersonal skills. This disorder does not have a known cause, but it is believed that that it can be caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors, mostly in early childhood that can contribute
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PSY 270 Appendix H - Appendix H 1 Appendix H Sabrina...

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