BOWLING EXAM 2 - The plant tissue type that gives rise to...

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The plant tissue type that gives rise to all other plant tissues or cell types is: meristem According to physiological evidence and some genetic data, which of the following has the best chance of actually being a grade that would form a clade with flowering plants? phylum Gnetophyta For most plants, the preferred soil type is a mix of mineral types that hold water well but not too well. This type of soil is called: loam A plant with long, tubular red flowers that have little or no odor is most likely pollinated by birds Some plants, such as legumes, have specialized root nodules where bacteria live in a mutualistic symbiotic relationship with the plant. These bacteria help mainly by fixing nitrogen into compounds that the Seed coats, which functions to protect plant embryos and allow them to stay dormant, are formed by: 2N cells from the sporophyte that gave r A long-day plant will flower if the duration of continuous darkness is le Which of the following is true in the angiosperm life cycle? gametophytes are totally dependent on t According to most modern cladograms for angiosperms, which of the following represents a sister group to the rest of the angiosperms? Amborella In which of the following pairs are the two terms equivalent? embryo sac—female gametophyte The tissue that directly gives rise to secondary phloem and secondary xylem is vascular cambium Some flowering plants will self- pollinate and self-fertilize, the most extreme form of inbreeding. What is the major disadvantage of this lifestyle for such plants? Offspring generally are stuck with a gre
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BOWLING EXAM 2 - The plant tissue type that gives rise to...

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