STUDY LAB FINAL - STUDY GUIDE The test will have 65...

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Unformatted text preview: STUDY GUIDE The test will have 65 questions total, worth 3 points each, so you can earn up to 195 points on this test (that means 5 bonus points are possible since the test counts for just 190 points on your syllabus). It will have two parts. The first part of the test (about 25 questions) will be projected questions (PowerPoint slides), similar to your exit quizzes. You will have 45 seconds per question (a bit more for wordy questions). Show up on time and keep up – the test will start as soon as possible after the official starting time of the lab section, and there will be no going back on questions. You will not need a calculator for this section. The second part of the test (about 40 questions) will be on paper. You will be able to work at your own pace on this part. You may need a calculator for some of this section; use the calculators provided, and do not share calculators. Some of you have accommodations that include extra time for taking tests. This should be no problem for this exam, since the whole lab period is available. This includes the projected questions; the time per question (45 seconds) matches what you have seen in lab exit quizzes, and already takes such needs into account. If it turns out that you did not have enough time AND YOU HAVE A COPY OF YOUR ACCOMODATION WITH YOU, then you will be given a chance to look at the slides again when you are ready to turn in your test; just let the TA know about this and show them the copy of your accommodations when you finish the paper portion of the test and he/she will let you look at the slides that you need more time with. Your GTA does not have access to view your accommodations online, so you MUST print out a copy and bring it with you if you want your accommodations honored. Now for some information about content. There will be about 5 questions for most of the labs (except 11). Note that you should consider labs 9 and 10 as separate labs for this –each will get about 5 questions. Lab 11 will be represented by about 10 questions. Note this heavy emphasis on the genetics, where you will have to work some problems . Besides the online homework (Lab 3 Online and Genetics 1-4), the exit quizzes in your labs are the best guide for the kinds of questions to expect. For the labs that did not have an exit quiz, imagine what sort of questions would have been on such a quiz. The material in the self-tests and the hand-ins can be useful for studying, but be sure not to focus on specific details that would go only with one experiment. For example, do not worry about the number of beats per minute you recorded for Daphnia in lab one, but do know about the general effect of caffeine on heartbeat rate and of alcohol on heartbeat rate (Speeds up? Slows down?)....
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STUDY LAB FINAL - STUDY GUIDE The test will have 65...

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