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ABSOLUTISM AND CONSTITUTIONALISM Centralization schemes that never really centralize Reformation Era France - absolutism in France Catholic attitudes towards Protestants —French Catholicism emphasizes community, and now protestants are a group that don’t get along, Catholics see them as pollutants Protestant Attitudes towards Catholics - they believe Catholicism is evil, church of devil (anti-Christ) Huguenots - French Protestants (Calvinist?) Millennialism —protestants believe end of world is soon, Jesus is coming back and we have to fix everything before he comes Distinctive forms of violence —mob violence…protestants (ruins iconic stuff) smash catholic statues, breaking up and smashing fake church, Catholics would go out to graveyard and through protestants corpses out French Political Factions - violence works its way into French political structure Guise - Pro-Catholic Bourbons - Calvinists Montmorency - some people convert to Calvinism some don’t, what they ultimately want is compromise Massacre at Vassy (1562) - mob violence turns into a civil war, Guise people murder calvinists at one of their worship meetings, massacre of Huguenots St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre (1572)- mother of king tried to arrange marriage between her catholic daughter and head of calvinist community,,, another massacre occurs, protestants effectively drive Calvinists out Henri IV 1553-(1589-1610) - Bourbon (leader of Calvinists) is now king of France, Henry converts to Catholic so nation accepts him as king, wars stop, Paris vaut bien une messe (1593) Official coronation 27 February 1594 Edict of Nantes 1598 —tells French Huguenots they can continue to worship freely and they won’t try to force them to convert, even though Catholicism is
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