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CHRISTIANITY LECTURE PRIMARY RELIGIOUS TRADITION OF WEST Background - takes place in Israel Roman Occupation Maccabean Revolt – war with Greeks in the area, jews are unable to defeat the Greeks on their own, jews and romans take over greeks together Roman Civil Wars –Romans defeat Greeks Jews decide they are staying in roman area Wars between mark anthony and Octavian? Jewish Theology Old Testament New Kingdom of Israel Messiah - absolutely worldly king, kick Romans out and reestablish Jewish king Apocalyptic - Jewish Community Pharisees - view the apocalypse and messiah with hope, true believers, believe in mosaic law, more Jewish than Moses, they aren’t political, god will fix this Sadducees - believe the apocalypse and messiah are going to happen but think it should happen later not sooner, they like roman education and culture, work with the Romans, pro occupation, believe in old testament Herodians – supporters of Herod the great Herod the Great - has bad reputation, gets blamed for killing babies, Young Herod- charismatic, adventuresome Maybe Herod is supposed to be Messiah Romans love him, he is well liked internationally, whatever he
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