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Periodization of Greek History Hellenic Period, ca 2000-338 BCE - expand borders, start to form government Hellenistic Period, 338-200 BCE- colonization, conquest, trade, unified Geography Aegean Sea- have lots of islands Greek peninsula Mountains, harbors, small rivers Territorial segmentation - not geographically unified Scarcity of farmlands - few farmlands, scarcity of life sustaining resources Early Greek Societies Minoan Civilization on Crete Island: 2500-1500 BC Governed by a king, works with nobles to keep the peace Nobility Traders, merchants , farmers Due to scarcity of farm land merchants are important Aristocracy Handful of free people and tons of slaves Make up for lack of resources by conquest Mycenaean Civilization on the Mainland, 2500-1200 BC Dark Age, 1100-800 BC - series of wars and natural disasters that set the Greeks back Causes Effects - opportunity to completely remake greek society Adopt an alphabet very similar to the Phoenicians Rebirth - illiyad , greek literature that tries to explain what happened to them Homer The Rise of the Polis (city state) Administrative Decentralization and Institutional Pluralism in Greece, 700- 338 BC Government- types of government in city states Monarchy- hereditary monarchy (everyone agrees on monarch) Oligarchy- government by aristocratic, looking out for profits Democracy-ruled by masses, free born males are considered citizens (can participate in government) Government run for common good
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GREECE LECTURE - GREECE LECTURE Periodization of Greek...

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