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REFORMATIONS LECTURE Julius II (1503-1513) —ambitious, wants to push Turks out of Europe, commits himself to remaking of basilica, needed money for this, writes a lot of IOU’s to people, leaves behind massive debt for Leo Leo X (1513-1521) (Medici Pope) -- gets German bishop to pay off pope’s debts, indulgence is something the pope gives out that substitutes for penance still have to go to confession though, church begins to sell indulgences Johann Tetzel (1465-1519) -- salesman of the indulgences, Tetzel goes to Germany to sell these Martin Luther (1483-1546) —Luther’s father saves up a bunch of money for Luther to become a lawyer, Saint Anne saves Luther from a bad storm, Luther promised if she saved him he would become a priest, Luther begins teaching at a university, Tetzel shows up selling indulgences 95 Theses (1517)— writes this in response to Tetzel, 95 reasons why the sale of indulgences is wrong, Frederick, Elector of Saxony - Fredrick likes Luther, Luther made his university famous Diet of Worms (1521) —Holy emperor meets Luther in Germany cause he knows if he goes to Rome they will kill him, Excommunication —Luther is thrown out of church Ideas Sola Fide - faith alone Sola Scriptura - believes in scripture alone (bible) Consubstantiation - doesn’t believe in transubstantiation, bread and wine but Jesus is there Clerical Celibacy - Luther marries an ex-nun, believes its unnatural for priests to be celibate Reduction in the number of Sacraments —says baptism and communion are the only sacraments they need to do Sources of popularity — more popular in northern Germany, his ideas are less complicated, he takes advantage of the printing press, and Luther writes in German, Luther has crude sense of humor Augsburg Confession (1530) —Emperor summons Luther and asks him again what he believes, Luther writes down what he believes, after this emperor agrees that local leader will decide religion for every one (if local leader is a Lutheran everyone has to be a Lutheran)
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