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RENAISSANCE LECTURE Italian City-States Roman Law -all city-states possess , basic legal customs were pretty much similar throughout Italy( allows for movement of people) Roman Infrastructure - left behind roads, canal, aqueducts (whole peninsula is accessible) Northern Italy lightly hit by the plague - retains large part of its population Geography - Italy is in a great place, great for commerce and ideas Economic - Italy manages to go through medieval period and get stronger, they are traders (due to geography) Banking - sophisticated banking, lending money becomes easier, not looked down upon for Christians to lend money, cash instead of land Social Structures - Populo Grasso – artisans, merchants, aspiring middle class, start accumulating wealth and rising up social ladder Populo Minuto - urban laborers, journeymen, could earn some money Condition of the Poor: Northern Italy - much better off than the south, fewer poor people, this is where the opportunities are, this is where renaissance is going to take route Southern Italy Politics Constitutional Republics - checks and balances Oligarchy – run by economic elite, becomes more popular and necessary as time goes on Hereditary Despotism - when city-state runs out of cash they borrow money, borrow from wealthy family and can’t pay the family back, thus that family becomes the leader, families with money begin to take over “New Money” - Condottiere – hired by government to go to war, has a private army, Italy
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