ROME LECTURE - ROME LECTURE west Establishment of Rome...

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ROME LECTURE west Establishment of Rome & Its Cultural Context, 753-509 BC – power resides in many different places Establishment of Rome Romulus & Remus (Tiber River) - story of the finding of Rome, Establishment of Rome by Romulus, 753 BC Greek & Etruscan Influence, 753-509 BC - Romans begin pushing Etruscans out Greek Influence Etruscan Influence - Etruscans- first to develop—strong (north)—heavy contact with the Greeks, adopt greek customs (modify greek language)—city-states idea and spread it in northern Italy Structure of Republican Government- set up after Etruscans leave Executive Officers elected officials Consuls - 2 o fthese, most important, elected annually, primarily military commanders, monitor finance, control bureaucracy Praetor -when Consuls are away for war Praetor takes over, they are judges that make sure justice is served Senate – aristocratic men that act as advisers to the Consuls, don’t have a specific power Popular Assemblies - elected Assembly of Centuries - represents the military, looks after their concerns, soldiers elect people to this, Assembly of Tribes - democratic body for all the other citizens, regular citizens elect people to this, Defining Republic citizens have some say, they elect officials, NOT A DEMOCRACY, but there is a check on their power (bill of rights) Struggle of the Orders: Social Divisions in the Roman Republic -rome begins to thrive economically, center Defining Patricians & Plebeians
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ROME LECTURE - ROME LECTURE west Establishment of Rome...

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