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CHEM 1030 Practice Exam 1

CHEM 1030 Practice Exam 1 - Chemistry 1030 Exam 1 MAKE UP...

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1 Chemistry 1030 Exam 1 MAKE UP, September 24 th 2010 Name (Please print clearly):______________________________________________________ If you need extra space, use the back of the page, but PLEASE indicate when and where you do. No exams written in RED INK will be graded. On this date, I hereby acknowledge that the work contained within this exam is mine and mine alone in accordance with the Auburn University Code of Academic Honesty. Signature_______________________________________ Pertinent conversion factors will be placed with problem/question. A removable PERIODIC TABLE is placed at the end of the examination. Please remove any hats turn off cell phones and place bags in the front of the room. Watch for those shifty eyes next to you. Do not cheat yourself out of a chance to develop intellectually. Partial credit is awarded ONLY if there is sufficient work shown to warrant it. Upon graduation and in a real job, you will be expected to document your strategy and justify your claims! All computed answers must be reported to reasonable number of digits, use the correct units and provide a scientific or chemical label. When asked , provide the correct number of significant figures or digits. (Note: You may use 4 sig figs for anything on the periodic table.) Please put a circle or square around your final answer. If you have an “oops,” then use a single line to cross‐out. You may answer on the reverse side, but be sure to clearly indicate this option and label the problem number in order that we provide you with the maximum credit possible. Good Luck! Page Score 2 = 16 points 3 = 12 points 4 = 13 points 5 = 21 points 6 = 16 points 7 = 15 points 8 = 8 points Total 100 points Recommended grade ______
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2 1. What is the symbol for gold? ____________________________ (War Eagle!) (2 points) 2. As inspiration for today’s exam hopefully you walked past a building which says
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