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hist test 1 - Attend lecture and receive prompts Major...

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Attend lecture and receive prompts Major concepts Primary traditions What makes civilizations who they are what defines them whats their religion, what type of government (centralization decentralization) relationship between individual and the state Creative minorities People who remake the world (jesus, Thomas aquinias, Muhammad, Confucius, hammarabi Resource endowments Natural resources play a roll in how civilizations act, nature dictates Characteristics of civilization -urban -distinctive religion -political and military structure - bureaucracy (needs control) -social structure -writing system HISTORY Page 1081 Primary traditions of west asia - Politically: examine the trends leading up to this, centralized bureaucracy/ bureaucratic states - Religiously: examine trends leading up to this, ISLAM*** ISLAM; - Sets laws and unifies the people - One standardized relgion CREATIVE MINORITES: sargon the great: hereditary monarchy, allows for smooth transfer of power HAMMURABI- legal and civil code which applies to everyone, written down, universally applicable, elevates god of his people to a position of supoeriot MOSES SAUL AND DAVID CYRUS THE GREAT AND DARIUS: satrapies, regional governors who all answer to emperors, regional government,
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ZOROASTER- zorastrianism MUHAMMAD: MILITARY PATRONAGE STATE Standing military: establish order, scares people, warlord tied to military
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