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Clawges Maddy Clawges Professor Shields ENGL1120 11/7/2011 Children Are Tuned In Did you know “39% of 2-4-year-olds use a smart phone or tablet, and more than half (52%) of kids ages 5-8 do so” (Eggerton 1)? This statistic should be an “eye opener” to you and other parents whose children are relying on video games as means of play . The recent technology boom has made a lasting impression in our society . As adults rely on cell phones as the best form of communication, children now use video games in the same manner . Many children refer to their gaming systems as their “best friends” and it is the only way they will communicate with other children; this could eventually lead to mental health imbalances . Video games leave a lasting, negative impact on children and distract them from what they really should be doing, which is playing and interacting with people and other children via outdoor play and human interaction . The recent popularity of role playing video game use by children has caused the development of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and addiction to become more common . Lack of focus in the classroom/ poor academic success Let’s begin by talking about the most common symptom of ADHD. Children who play video games show more intense symptoms of ADHD than those that do not . The accurate
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Clawges symptoms of ADHD, provided by WebMD, include lack of focus, hyperactivity, and memory loss . Students at Brown University carried out a study on just how intense these symptoms are. One researcher stated, “Given the potentially negative effects that electronic media could have on academic performance, the added consequences of more time spent on video games may also place these individuals at increased risk for problems at school” (Brown University 4) . This conclusion is proved by the researcher’s test results, which showed a significant association between the children in their study that played video games and overall grade point average . In the study, the more hours a child played video games, the worse their overall grade point average was . Being able to focus in the classroom has become a huge issue in the younger generation. As
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ESSAY 3 - Clawges Maddy Clawges Professor Shields ENGL1120...

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