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Lecture 23: Elementary fluid dynamics: Bernoulli Equ IV. 3/12/2008 Objectives: 1. Basic steps of using B.E. to solve problem - Draw/ define coordinate system - Draw schematics, list assumptions - Identify useful streamlines and label them - Invoke B.E. (and the auxiliary B.E.) - Possibly invoke other physical laws ( e.g. Conservation of mars, Equation of state)
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Unformatted text preview: -Solve problem-Check whether your assumptions are consistent with your solution Example 1 . Air flow from a large tank steadily. P 1 is the gauge pressure. Compute Q and P 2 Example 2 . For the venturi meter below. Given that ∆ P = 116 kPa, Q = ? Homework: (due on Mar 24) 3.29, 3.32, 3.49 ME203-002/004...
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