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You would like to move out (“ déménager ”) of your apartment ! Write down the reasons why you want to leave: - maybe your current apartment does not match your expectancies (it is too small, your neighbours are noisy, you want a pet and are not allowed to…) - maybe you live with roommates you don’t like (they party too much, they work too much, they don’t pay their rent on time ( “à temps” ), they are not kind nor talkative, they cook all the time and it smells…) - maybe you have not enough money this semester to afford such an apartment - maybe you want to be closer to the university, or you want to live far from the university in order to be closer to personal activities (dancing, sport, leisure, friends…) - etc … be creative! … and grammatical…. Double-interligne, Times New Roman, 12 Give at least 10 reasons ! I suggest that you use as much as negative sentences as you can. Try to
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