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Finding+A+Hook+For+The+Self-Introductory+Speech - exhorting...

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FINDING A HOOK FOR THE SELF-INTRODUCTORY SPEECH-TIPS #1 OK. You’ve been assigned the task of introducing yourself by picking one feature of your personality or history and explaining how it is central to who you are. You know you have an interest on which to center the speech, but how can you develop it into a coherent work? Here’s a suggestion: try to think of a conversation you might have heard, or could feasibly hear, between two people discussing your interest. I say think of a conversation because one way to kick off a speech is with a conversational device, such as asking a question, imitating someone's words, or the imagined words of someone, or citing a conversation between people. If you can think of a potential exchange like this, you might have a clue for a speech. For example, a speech on how to buy a used car, might start with someone imitating a cheesy local TV commercial where the slick pitchman is
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Unformatted text preview: exhorting the viewer to "come on down" to Bob's Used Cars, for the best deals on the best cars!!! A speech questioning whether our indulgence of the right of free speech has promoted an unwillingness to respect people who don't agree with us, might start with two people fighting over whether President Obama has been a good president and getting downright insulting to each other. Going back to the example of a speech based on an interest in art, maybe you could have a dialogue where two people are discussing art or artists, or whether something should be considered art, or what this piece of art means, or how the artist came up with the idea for this work, or what this piece of art is worth, or what techniques the artist used to create this work. See? Somewhere in there may be a theme - a road into a speech....
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