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BUILDING THE SELF-INTRODUCTION SPEECH-TIPS #1 Writing the self-introduction speech can be tough, because sometimes it is hard to see what aspects of your life can make good speech fodder. It can be challenging to pick one feature of your personality or history and explain how it is central to who you are, when you are so close to the material. First, think about events that have illustrated or revealed a part of your personality. Think about your family, friends, school activities, jobs, hobbies, or any other part of your life where a defining feature of your character or your history has been allowed to shine through. Be mindful that your goal is to make the audience understand why this information you are giving them is crucial to understanding what makes you tick. If you have an area of interest around which you’d like to build a speech, use every trick you can think of to construct a thesis. Say your interest is art.
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