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Fundamentals of Public Speaking 04:192:220:09 Spring 2011 Instructor: Michael Barris Study Guide for Midterm Exam The exam will consist of 45 multiple-choice and true/false questions. You will be given up to 75 minutes to complete it (quick finishers can leave earlier, if they choose). The material on which you will be tested will be drawn from our class work (including slide presentations I have given and comments I may have made during speech presentations), as well as the readings up to the Spring Break, as listed in the Syllabus. I won’t test you directly on definitions (generally words boldfaced in the textbook), but you need to have a working understanding of them to answer the questions on the exam. My slide presentations can be found in the Resources section of Sakai. The chapters: Ch 1 Becoming a Public Speaker Ch 2 Giving It a Try: Preparing Your First Speech Ch 3 Managing Speech Anxiety Ch 4 Listeners and Speakers Ch 5 Ethical Public Speaking Ch 8 Developing Supporting Material
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Fundamentals+of+Public+Speaking-Midterm+Exam+study+guide -...

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