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Case study - Suresh Gulati(PEN A1920107082 EL(Roll...

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Suresh Gulati (PEN: A1920107082 – EL) (Roll# EL-2007-02-MBA-002-235) MBA-EFT Assignment 02–Marking Management—Semester I Case study Q1. Critically evaluate the communication strategy of Good Knight with reference to the facts given in the case. Ans1. The common Strategy followed by the company is very aggressive and appealing. The brand name of chosen by the company reflects the product benefit. The product name “good night” verbalizes the reason to buy the product to the consumer. This name not only tells the benefits of product, but also this name is commonly practice in most Indian language. The word good night is commonly spoken in all Indian family so it’s mass appealing. The company chooses the daily newspaper to show their ads. The ads were printed on newspaper like The Times of India, Malayalam Manorama Sunday Mid–day etc. Which were biggest and best selling newspaper in India In this way their ads reach to the target audience very rapidly and quickly. So we can conclude that there common strategy was very aggressive and mass appealing.
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