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Marketing refers to - a Is one who is user of product 7...

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1. Marketing refers to d. Understanding the needs of consumers and delivering them 2. A survival pricing objectives aims to d. Covers variable costs and some fixed cost 3. The first stage in product development is a. Business analysis 4. Warehousing and physical distribution functions are: b. Best handled by manufacturers only. 5. Marketing Concept is best illustrated by which of the following marketing system goals: a. Maximizing customer satisfaction 6. In Consumer decision making, specifier is one who
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Unformatted text preview: a. Is one who is user of product 7. Under globalization of Trade strategies, the marketer will have to adopt c. Standardisation 8. Product Life cycle means that a. Product lives around 4 stages of cycle 9. In DELPHI method of Marketing Research, the opinion of c. The opinion of DEALERS is sought. 10. Premium Pricing refers to d. Setting a range of prices at different markets....
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