Q31 - Q3. The right marketing mix can be adopted only after...

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Q3. The right marketing mix can be adopted only after segmentation. Elucidate with examples the basis of segmentation as applied in Television Marketing. Ans: The market for any product is normally made up of several segments. A ‘market’ after all is the aggregate of consumers of a given product. And, consumers, who make a market, are seldom one homogeneous lot. They vary in their characteristics and buying behaviour. Thus, it is natural that many differing segments occur within a market. Marketers usually divide the heterogeneous market for any product into segments, with relatively more homogeneous characteristics, since this helps in tapping it. And, this process of disaggregating a market into a number of sub-markets/segments is known as market segmentation. To put it in a nutshell, market segmentation rests on the recognition that: Any market is made up of several sub-markets, or sub-groups of consumers, distinguished from one another by their varying needs and buying behaviour. It is feasible to disaggregate the consumers into segments in such a manner that in needs, characteristics and buying behaviour, the members would vary significantly among/across segments, but would be homogeneous within each segment. Let us discuss the benefits of segmentation. 1. Facilitates Proper Choice of Target Market In the first place, segmentation helps the marketer to distinguish one customer group from another within a given market and thereby enables him to decide which segment form his target market. 2. Facilitates Tapping of the Market, Adapting the Offer to the Target Segmentation also enables the marketer to crystallize the needs of the target buyers. It also helps him to generate an accurate prediction of the likely responses from each segment of the target buyers. Moreover, when buyers are handled after careful segmentation, the responses from each segment will be homogeneous. This, in turn, will help the marketer develop marketing
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Q31 - Q3. The right marketing mix can be adopted only after...

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