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Chapter 1 Quiz Math 103, Section 11 1/28/11 Name__________________________ Please show your work. 1. 25 points Problem 1 refers to the election given by the following preference schedule: Number of voters 10 7 5 5 4 1 st choice A:40 D:28 B:20 C:20 B:16 2 nd choice C:30 B:21 C:15 D:15 C:12 3 rd choice B:20 A:14 A:10 A:10 D:8 4 th choice D:10 C:7 D:5 B:5 A:4 a. How many people voted in this election? 10+7+5+5+4=31 b. Is there a majority candidate in this election? no Explain . 31/2=15.5 16 votes are needed for a majority candidate. No candidate has 16 or more votes. c. Which candidate wins using the plurality method? A Why? A has the most votes: 10. d. Which candidate wins using the Borda count method? Show your work! A has 40+14+10+10+4=78 Borda count points B has 20+21+20+5+16=82 Borda count points C has 30+7+15+20+12=84 Borda count points D has 10+28+5+15+8=66 Borda count points C wins with 84 Borda count points e. How many Borda points are given out by each ballot? 1+2+3+4=10 f. Candidate B is a Condorcet candidate. What does that mean?
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