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Q3. What do you understand by a database management system? Explain the advantages of database management system over conventional file oriented data processing system. Ans: DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (DBMS) A Database Management System (DBMS) is the software that functions as the interface between users, other programs and the database itself. It allows the data to be stored, maintained, manipulated, and retrieved. Database Management System is a collection of programs required to store and retrieve data from the database. The principal components of a DBMS are a data description module and a data manipulation module. The data description module of the DBMS analyzes the data requirements of application programs and transfers control to the data manipulation module, which retrieves the data from the database. A DBMS can organize, process, and present selected data elements from the database. When properly prepared, database management systems enable people to access complex file systems without difficulty. Most people are able to use a database management without knowing its underlying structure. This ease of access is made possible by four components of DBMS software: data definition language, data manipulation language, query language, and report generator.
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Data Base Fig: Database Management System Data Definition Language (DDL) This language is used to define the structure of the database. The structure, or schema, outlines the data to be included in the database. In the schema, each field in a record must be defined with
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Q3 - Q3. What do you understand by a database management...

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