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Q5 - modems etc Some of the most widely used LANs are...

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Q5. What is meant by Local Area Network and Wide Area Network? Differentiate between them and give one example of each. Ans: Local Area Network (LAN) A LAN is a digital communication system capable of interconnecting a large number of computers, terminals and other peripheral devices within a limited geographical area, typically under 1 Km across. LANs generally operate within compact area like a room, office building, or a campus. The transmission channels generally use coaxial or fiber optic cables. Thus, the transmission speed is very high. Main benefit of LAN is the reduction of hardware and software costs because users can share several computers, peripheral devices such as printers, hard disks,
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Unformatted text preview: modems etc. Some of the most widely used LANs are Ethernet, Novell, Omninet, ARCnet etc. They vary in type and number of computers that may be connected, the speed at which data may be transferred, and the type of software used to control the computer. Wide Area Network (WAN) A WAN is a two or more geographical dispersed computer, linked by communication facilities such as telecommunication or microwave relays. These types of communication network operate nation-wide or worldwide. The transmission mediums used are normally public systems such as telephone lines, satellite and microwave links....
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