Q11 - Q1. What is an Internet? How it differs from...

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Q1. What is an Internet? How it differs from Intranet? Explain the various Internet Tools. Ans: INTERNET No discussion on communication would be complete without discussing the Internet, referred to by its millions of users as the Net. So what does Internet mean? Is it same as what we call network? The answer is no. The network is interconnection of two or more computers and Internet is a network of networks. That is, Internet is a giant network made up of smaller networks. The Internet evolved from ARPANET, a research network created in the 1960’s by the Defense Department and the National Science Foundation (NSF) to link research institutes and government agencies around the world to exchange information on a wide range of topics. Although the original ARPANET no longer exists, its design and architecture laid the foundations for the Internet. The Internet can be thought of as a huge repository of information on almost every topic imaginable. People all over the world can search the net for information; add new information, and exchange views on different topics. The Internet is an electronic web that connects people and businesses that have access to networks and allows them to send and receive E-mail and to participate in a number of activities, around the clock. INTRANETS The type of network to be used within an organization is an Intranet or internal web. Intranets are patterned after the Internet. Such networks enable computers (or networks) of any type to communicate easily. Corporations can set up Intranets for a wide variety of purposes, including e-mail, group brainstorming, group scheduling, access to corporate databases and documents, and video conferencing, as well as buying and selling of goods. The hardware and software needs are the same for the Internet, specifically TCP/IP protocols and server and browser software used for the World Wide Web. It also uses the Internet resources such as the e-mail,
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telnet, and FTP. However, the network and its resources are used privately by businesses and are not available to people outside the company. An Intranet is separated from rest of the Internet by a Firewall. People who work in the company can access the Internet and use its resources, but intruders are kept out of the firewalls. An Intranet, therefore, can be defined as a private system that uses the hardware and software developed for Internet to provide communication, information management, and information publishing services within an organization.
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Q11 - Q1. What is an Internet? How it differs from...

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