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Q11. Effective communication means : Ans. (b) 50 per cent listening Q12. Conflict is: Ans. (d) Could be destructive or constructive Q13. Job evaluation is a technique which aims at: Ans. (d) improving productivity Q14. Induction or orientation is an integral part of: Ans. (a) Training Q15. Conflicts in work environment could be classified as under: Ans. (d) Latent conflict Q16. Industrial Dispute Act, 1947 provides the following Industrial Relations machinery for resolution of conflicts: Ans. (d) Arbitration Q17. The most common performance appraisal scheme followed in Public sector is:
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Unformatted text preview: Ans. (a) Management Group Appraisal Q18. What can management do to alleviate stress (Tick the wrong one)? Ans. (d)Organize job evaluation Q19. The power of a person derived from closeness to a powerful person is known as: Ans. (a)Authority Q20. The saying Give a man fish, He will eat it, Train a man to fish, He will feed his family is used in relation to which management activity? Ans. (c) Training Q21. Performance review is done to Ans. (d) All of the above...
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