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class+February+15 - Math 103 Section 11 Tuesday Chapter 4...

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Math 103, Section 11, Tuesday, February 15, 2011 Chapter 4 Handout 1 1. Submitted Homework Assignment for Chapter 4 is at Sakai. It is in the Assignments section and is called: Assignment Chapter 4A, Please do Exercises Exercises 4, 14, and 20 , pages 144-146 and upload to Sakai. Solutions to Chapter 1 homework is at Sakai. CWPE means consistent with previous error. For example, on Quiz#2, if you made a mistake in the top table finding the critical players, I subtracted points for the error in the top table. When you filled in the Banzhaf power index in the bottom table, I looked at your answers in the top table, and even if they were wrong, if you used your wrong answers to correctly fill in the bottom table, I gave you full credit in the bottow table and wrote CWPE. Homework to be discussed in class on Friday, February 18: Page 144-146, problems 1,5,15 Review questions: 1. We have 41 students in our class. a. If everyone shakes hands with everyone else, how many handshakes will there be? b. If everyone forms one long line for a picture, how many ways are there to arrange yourselves? 41!= 3.34525E+49 If you could form a new arrangement every second, how long would it take to form all the arrangements? 41!= 3.34525E+49 seconds If you could form 10^12 new arrangements every second, how long, in years, would it take to form all the arrangements? It would take 41!/10^12=3.3E+37 seconds Divide by 60 to get 5.57542E+35 minutes Divide by 60 to get 9.29237E+33 hours Divide by 24 to get 3.87182E+32 days Divide by 365 to get 1.06077E+30 years As a preview to Chapter 4: What was the first Presidential veto in U.S. history? What apportionment method are we using today? Excel can be very useful in chapter 4. Please see me during office hours if you would like to learn Excel .
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