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Q22. The influence a person has because of his high competence may be termed as Ans. (c) Referent Power Q23. When a young person joins an organization he needs some senior person in whom he can confide and get advice and support. Such a relationship may be called: Ans. (a) Mentoring Q24. Counseling is: Ans. (a) Helping the employee to grow and develop Q25. The term OCTAPAC is used in relation to which of the following: Ans. (b) Organizational culture and climate Q26. Line managers are:
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Unformatted text preview: Ans. (a) Production and Marketing Managers Q27. Job specification spell out Ans. (a) The functional description of the job Q28. The method of recruitment may include: Ans. (d) All of the above Q29. Which of the following is not typical Rater error Ans. (c) Central tendency Q30. Spillover effect in Rater Errors means: Ans. (c) Allowing the past performance to influence how present performance is evaluated Q31. Key result areas are usually termed as: Ans. (a) Objectives...
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