Q1 - Q1 What is a profession Is personnel a profession in...

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Q1). What is a profession? Is personnel a profession in India? Discuss with reasons Ans) A profession is defined as a calling requiring specialized knowledge and often long and intensive preparation, including instruction in skills and methods as well as in the scientific, historical, or scholarly principles underlying such skills and methods, maintaining by force of organization or concerted opinion high standards of achievement and conduct, and committing its members to continued study and to a kind of work which has for its prime purpose the rendering of public service. Any professional has three major characteristics. These are as follows: 1). Their qualifications, usually of a specific body of knowledge. This knowledge has some practical applications and it is beneficial for others. 2). Their membership of a professional association to improve professional skills. They should always be in search of improving their skills. 3). Their code of ethics, which guides them towards the desired goals. They should exhibit a high level of commitment for the welfare of the society. Personnel is a profession in India as to be a professional there needs to be satisfaction of some characteristics. A professional must exhibit academic qualifications. A professional must be committed towards his work and should be a member of some professional association. In India, these days there is a requirement of qualification to become a personnel officer. Many Business Schools have started issuing MBA degree in Human Relations management. Generally personnel behave in a committed fashion and there are many HR related associations where the HR resources can associate themselves. Q2.
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Q1 - Q1 What is a profession Is personnel a profession in...

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