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Voting Methods and Fairness Criteria Table and Definitions Fill in the table with the word ‘satisfies” or “violates”: F a i r n e s s C r i t e r i a (B) Voting Methods (A) Majority Condorcet Monotonicity IIA Plurality Method Borda Count Method Plurality with Elimination Method Pairwise- Comparisons Method Voting method A satisfies fairness criterion B means: If, for every election, candidate X is the winner using voting method A, then candidate X is also the “should be” winner using fairness criterion B. So, for every election, if the “is” candidate is the “should be” candidate, satisfies!
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Unformatted text preview: Voting method A violates fairness criterion B means: We can find one election and one candidate X, where candidate X is the winner using voting method A, but candidate X is not the “should be” winner using the fairness criterion B. That is, a different candidate is the “should be” winner. So, if there is one election in which the “is” candidate is not the “should be” candidate, violates!...
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