GOV Review - GOV Review#3"Closed-ended/open ended questions...

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GOV Review #3 “Closed-ended/open ended” questions o Closed “forced-choice” Respondents choose among preformulated answers. o Open Spontaneous Discussion groups or focus groups 501 c 3 o Religious, scientific, and education group o Cannot engage in political activity o Can do voter registration if not the main purpose of the group 527 o Tax exempt organization can engage in a political activity with unlimited soft money o Report contributions and spending o No donation limit Agenda setting o Media and the news influencing what people consider important Agents of socialization (starts page 121) o Family, schools, popular culture, jobs, and news media. American and attention span (soundbites) o Amount of time a person can concentrate on a single activity. As time passed by, the average attention span decreased. (1968-43.1 sec; 1972-25.2 sec; 1976-18.2 sec; 1980-12.2 sec; 1984-9.9 sec. Aspects of social movements o Beat o The assigned locations where a reporter regularly gathers news stories Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 (banned soft money, led to 527s) o by McCain-Feingold-bans soft money from campaigns but places no limits on how much money can be gained from individual contributors and can run issue campaigns on TV and radio right up to the day of the primary or general elections, with no limitations on their aggregate or total expenditures Blog o Common term for a web log o Website in which an individual group posts text photos, audio files, and more on a regular basis for others to view and respond to Bundling o Put everyone’s checks together and spread out amongst certain candidates (women) o WISH and Emily’s list Candidate centered campaigning o Post Watergate emphasis on character shift in focus from print to TV Catalytic events (social movements) o ‘Spark’ that sets a social movement into motion Checkbook membership o Interest group without meetings
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o Send in check for membership o No other participation required Civil disobedience o Form of political participation intentionally breaking a law and willing to accept consequences o Highlights that a law may be wrong or immoral ‘unjustness’ Collective public opinion o The political attitudes of the public as a whole expressed as averages, percentages or other summaries of many individual’s opinions (stable over time) Communications Act of 1934 o combined and reorganized existing provisions of law, including provisions of the Federal Radio Act of 1927 relating to radio licensing, and of the Mann-Elkins Act of 1910 relating to telephone service. Conservative (social, economic) o Social: favors traditional family values (support strong law-and-order measures and oppose gay and abortion rights) o Economic: favor private enterprise and oppose govt. regulation and spending Core beliefs o Individual’s views about the fundamental nature of human beings, society, and economy; taken together, they comprise the political culture. Corporate ownership of media
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GOV Review - GOV Review#3"Closed-ended/open ended questions...

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