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ECI 114 Fall 2011 Homework 1 solutions Due on 5pm Oct. 3, Mon. 1. (a) Sample : The sample of interest is the sixteen pH measurements of the solution. Population: To define the population, ask yourself, “To what set of entities would it be reasonable to generalize the information obtained from this sample?” The purpose of this research has not been explicitly described in the problem setting; therefore, we have to use our imagination to help us decide on a reasonable population. The general population of interest could be “the pH values of all solutions like the one in the experiment, e.g. a certain type of chlorine solution”. If we add further restrictions, such as time, temperature and location, one possibility could be: the pH values of a certain chlorine solution at room temperature, at XYZ lab. But in this question, we are not told anything about the time and place where this sample was gathered -- if we had been, we would use that to help us decide what the population of interest might be (in real life, of course, it would be the other way around: in conducting a study, you first decide on the population of interest, and then draw a sample of observations from that population). In that case, we should first decide what the purpose of this research might be. (b)
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hw1+fall+2011+solutions+_final+version_ - ECI 114 Fall 2011...

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